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افتراضي Nissan & Infiniti Fast 01.2017

Nissan & Infiniti Fast 01.2017

Nissan & Infiniti Fast 01.2017 | 7.93 GB

Electronic catalog of spare parts for NISSAN vehicles. The program for determining the original part number. You enter the VIN code of the car - the program "parses" it into parts, tells you the date of the car's release and offers only those spare parts that are installed on your car.

Extras. Information: Regions Nissan: CA, EL, ER, GL, GR, US
Regions Infiniti: CA, EL, ER, US

1. Mount images of disks through Daemon Tools.
2. We go in one mounted image in the folder \ FASTPRG \ WIN2000 \ SETUP \, run Setup.exe and specify the installation path. From the second image, this operation is no longer necessary.
3. If you want to use the directory without permanently mounting these images, then copy the contents of both images into 2 separate folders on the hard drive. (You can in the program directory or wherever you are comfortable)
4. Next, go to the folder C: \ NISSAN and run the file Nfset.exe.
5. After startup, click on the CD-ROM SETUP tab and specify the path to our folders.
6. Folders choose the main (below there is a screenshot) - NISSAN and INFINITY (If you want to have all regions)
7. We launch the Nissan Fast and use it for health.
How to check the VIN car NISSAN, INFINITI or DATSUN without this directory or easily determine the section of the directory in which to search for this car
If you only need to check the car for the validity of the VIN (serial number), production date and equipment, then this catalog does not make sense. For this it is easier to use online services of the type or Cars / vin / datsun

Year / Date of Issue: 01/2017
Version: 5.01
Developer: Renault-Nissan
Language: English
Tabletka: not required

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